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Grande Impressions Ltd. has been a wholesale distributor of Natural and Permanent floral and home decor for more than 17 years, operating out of the beautiful Mile High City - Denver, Colorado.

Grande Impressions Ltd. prides itself on top quality products, exceptional customer service and timely shipping of orders. Our product management team is available to assist with all selection needs, whether it's for an everyday store set, seasonal set or holiday promotion.

The product development team travels the globe in search of the newest most innovative products to accent today's architectural and home decorating trends. Using several of today's top sources, Grande Impressions Ltd. creates both traditional and fashion forward color palettes to suit all customers.

Grande Impressions Ltd. has two distinct lines to meet all decore needs -- Naturals (including shells and feather) and Permanents.

The natural line consists of six categories to help target specific customers -- Consumer Bunches, Drop-Ins, Packaged Naturals, Tall and Extra Tall Naturals, Vases and Feathers. Each consists of unique products and provides solutions for a variety of needs.

Grande Impressions Ltd.'s permanent line is not only innovative but consists of the highest quality products that offer customers a variety of options. Shells make up the second distinct line. With shells expanding their reach away from the classic nautical look to a more contemporary home decor look. Grande Impressions Ltd. looks for shells that will compliment the floral collections and add style and sophistication without overpowering the overall design.


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